Monday, August 18, 2008

A Confederate Map Pt. 9

Now we get to the part that I have written about before. I had changed the story of the Strange Rock Carvings up a little because I wanted to make sure not to leave a clue to anyone that a real treasure was buried on our property.
This is what happened. I carefully photographed all aspects of the strange carved rock face deep in the center of our property. I also sketched each figure and put them exactly on the paper like they were chiseled into the rock.
I took the whole mess and sent a copy to Cookie, the old codebreaker. He said he would let me know when he figured something out. A month went by, then two and I received an email from him. The email said that he had part of the code figured out and went into detail of how it was written. To make the story short for this blog, it was written in semaphore from the Confederate Navy. A slight change had been carried out by these forces, to keep the Union army from intercepting their messages and it was only used late in the war and later forgotten. There were still a few copies of it around and of course it was somewhere on the internet. Cookie happened to stumble on it after talking to some of his old friends in Washington that had access to the Super Cray computers.
After getting that information and figuring out the rest of it. This is what I found buried near the site.
It is some kind of intricately designed Naval wrench (the handle has CSA on it) and I carefully put it away with the old diary until I could figure out what to do with it. Soon after this, I got another break and the Treasure Hunt was about to start in earnest. I will write about this and how GuyK and Marian spent a couple of extra days at the camp with me after everyone had left after the 4th of July. We had a wild treasure hunt that they have all agreed that I can now tell you about. Stay Tuned.

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