Monday, August 04, 2008

Watermelon Carnival Starts

The first real event of the Watermelon Carnival was Friday night at 7:00. On the way, we got a pic of Denise with this 123 lb. monster melon. We headed on over to the annual Art Exhibit featuring paintings and some ceramics from our local artists.
This was also a combo wine and cheese party that our host (the Persons) have every year and is a lot of fun and lets everyone do a lot of mingling.

Even our esteemed dentist (Dr. Barry Weeks) had his photos up for people to check out and purchase. Luckily they were wildlife photos and not pictures of his horribly agricultural golf swing.

Here are some newcomers to town, Bill and his dark haired wife, Patti, are our newest starving artists. In the middle is Annette, who has already made an impact on our town by being involved with the growth of the downtown area.


SimplyOutdoors said...

That is one big watermelon next to Denise. Looks like a great time mingling.

blogagog said...

We grew three 42 lb Charleston Gray watermelons this year. Not as impressive as Denise's, but they were still huge, and oddly all weighed the same! Kinda cool.

Goon said...

Holy Cow that is a big mellon.