Monday, August 25, 2008

The Princess Arrives

Last week was move-in day for the freshmen at Ole Miss. My shyster brother, Paul, called and wanted Trent and I to help Hillary move into her dorm. I expected a nightmare and of course I got one.

It started raining about dawn and kept getting heavier. Could they wait till it quit? Hell no. So, here we go up to the University to move her in.
The dorm room she is going to share with Emily Cutrere is 14 x 12, Paul and Terry had 4 truckloads of junk, yes 4, to go into that little room. I think they are going to have to rent an apartment somewhere to live in.
It was wet, she was on the ninth floor, the lightning flashed, the rain fell in sheets, the elevators were packed, and Paul was giving orders. I did not have my gun.
Here are the girls (Emily and Hillary) and their Moms' busy as bees.


SimplyOutdoors said...

Done there! Done that! Didn't like it.

Tom Sorenson said...

Agh! Ninth floor?! Man - I would have started a revolt! The things we endure for those close to us, eh?!

Matt said...

I lived on the 11th floor as a freshman at Ole Miss. Luckily, all I brought was some rags and a fishing rod.

mailrider said...

I glad to see Terry didn't send his little girl to Southern.