Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Happy Birthday Erin!

Today is my baby coon's birthday. This picture was recently taken on their trip to Washington DC. A very nice pic of Erin and Sarah together, looking very grown up. Erin is 11 today and finally old enough to enter Hogwarts School of Magic. We are planning on lunch downtown with a small party. All she has asked for her birthday is an Ipod. Do you know how much a damn Ipod cost? Holy Smoke!
Don't forget that she is the Jr. Deer Camp Blog editor.


SimplyOutdoors said...

Happy Birthday to Erin.

I've wanted an Ipod forever, but every time I look at the price tag I get some severe buyer's remorse and talk myself out of it.

Rhonda said...

Happy BDay Erin! Erin is a sweet young lady. Hope you all have a blast today! Come on Rex splurge, buy that girl an IPOD.

Phillip said...

Happy birthday, Erin!

Don't let that old curmudgeon of a father hold back on ya! He can afford that iPod.

Get up off it, Rex. C'mon, I'm sure she deserves it. Or else she'll write mean things about you on her blog.