Monday, August 24, 2009

Dozing the World

Flat Top, MS> This weekend at the famous Christmas Place, my father (Hershel) was in his element. He had a bulldozer at his disposal and lots of places to use it.
Plus he had the best dozer operator I have ever seen. All was right with the world of course he almost worked the operator to death.
Here is a pic of him pushing the operator to his limit by chasing him through the fields making him work faster.
Mark and I were in charge of clearing roads with the trimmer. Kim and Denise helped out along the way.
The weather was mild and we all enjoyed being out and around the property. Paul was about worthless as usual, but besides that it was a lot of fun. Dad even cleared a few places that I have been bugging him about for several years, before he went and did all of his favorite son's (Pauls) places that he wanted cleared.
Going along one of the roads we discovered an Indian Plum tree that was absolutely loaded with plums. This is a late blooming plum that comes in with the muscadines in the fall. Here is a pic of Denise and Kim checking it out.

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