Monday, August 03, 2009

Watermelon Carnival 2009

Water Valley, MS> The Watermelon Carnival this year was a low key affair, probably caused by the intermittent showers of rain all weekend. A smaller crowd was on hand, but still it was a lot of fun.
Friday night was the big street dance, and our friends and family set up chairs on the porch at our office and enjoyed the night. Here is a pic of Kim and Denise looking lovely.
Here are some other good friends that we enjoyed the night with. Angie M. with Denise and Rusty Arendale.
We checked out the vendors in the park, listened to music, ate funnel cakes, visited with old friends and enjoyed cold beverages.

Everything was perfect and then the King and Queen of the Carnival arrived. My father Hershel Howell and Dorothy Henry stole the show. I can't tell you how many people trooped by to say hello to them.
It was too good an opportunity to miss and we convinced them to head for the dance floor. It's not everyday a world famous author is seen cutting a rug at the Watermelon Carnival. There was a break in the music and we enjoyed a wonderful fireworks display, then the music started up again. Everyone seemed to have a wonderful and relaxed time that night and looked forward to the Watermelon carnival starting the next day. I will report on the largest melon, watermelon carving and the crowds later. I wish you all could have been here.


Marian Love Phillips said...

Your Dad and Dorothy really make a nice looking couple...I'm happy for both of them. ;)

Anonymous said...

Rex, this photo is unfair! That is probably in the top 3 worst pictures I have ever had taken and probably in the top 3 best Kim has ever had taken. Not fair! Your lovely fiance in the really bad photo!