Monday, August 17, 2009

Remedial Lessons

After moving Princess Hillary into her apartment at Ole Miss last Saturday morning, Mark, Drew and I drove to camp to work on stands. Getting there we found that there was not a whole lot we could do because the deer were having their Remedial Lessons in Stealth and Concealment. You don't think those awful beasts take lessons in this? Maybe, you are the one that is crazy!
We spent most of our time cleaning around the camp, but Mark and I did slip over to the lake to see what was going on. Thunderhoof was getting all the bucks ready for deer season. Teaching them to walk through the woods without making a sound. How to turn into a stump so a hunter won't see them. How to sneak up behind hunters and then blow loud enough to give them a heart attack and especially how to hide almost anywhere. Even in the wide open! He was also teaching them to dodge arrows and run through a thicket so their horns would not catch. That deer has got to go.

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