Monday, August 10, 2009

A Productive Weekend

Hot Sauce, MS> This weekend we had a very productive work camp. Chainsaws started promptly at 7AM and all the wood for the winter was cut by noon.
We spent the afternoon splitting and stacking it until my old brothers ran out of energy. Don't worry, my brother Paul made sure to tell us exactly how to do it, but those old b@#$$$#s were useless that afternoon. I am tired of dealing with old people for crying out loud.
That night we had Paul Jones, Dorothy Henry, and Rennie Hodge over for dinner and had (what else) wild hog with all the trimmings.
Dad, Trent, Paul, Michael, Wanda, Austin, Burney, Denise, Trigger and Camo were all there to help this weekend and getting the firewood detail out of the way frees us up to start on the fields.
Sunday we finished the little bit of splitting and stacking then trimmed all the gigantic shrubs around the house and moved to the patio to cool off with a cold drink and watch Dad putter around in the garden.


Phillip said...

Ain't it funny how, the more time goes by, the more we find ourselves surrounded by old farts?

Matt said...

Sounds like fun; what was it, about 110 degrees there?

Looking forward to being the subject of a post.