Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hide the Women, Kids, and Dogs

Pancake, MS> I received a call from Dad late yesterday afternoon that the Bulldozer was on it's way to the famous Christmas Place. Let's see, the last time we had one there Dad managed to burn it up and run the driver off.
All of our roads are in terrible shape and need to be run with the blade to make them passable. A lot of new roads need to be pushed out so that we can reach areas that have been unhuntable in the past. We have all agreed on this. Unfortunately, Dad is trying to get the dozer down in that mudhole he calls a lake to work the leevee so he can kill a damn duck.
Dad gets a strange gleam in his eyes when he gets a bulldozer going and it does not take long for him to turn into Dozer Man. Once he gets started you better get the hell out of the way, hide the women, kids and especially your dog because there is no stopping him. Gators, Hogs, Deerses, BigFoots and everything else better be running for their lives!


Phillip said...

I can sure relate to the 'dozer fever! Something about cranking that thing up and just feeling the rumble... and the sense that nothing on heaven or earth can stop this monster.

Of course, I've stopped more than one. That feeling goes away when you realize you've just sunk somewhere in the neighborhood of 18 tons of metal up to the hood in soft muck.

deerslayer said...

Seems as though I've been out of action for far to long and missed out on alot of things going on around the bloggers world but if you have a dozier on The Christmas Place make sure he clears a new path to my deerstand in the east 40 acres.Last year I couldn't even get to it from here.