Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Watermelon Carnival 2009

Water Valley, MS> Saturday morning started with rain but stopped by 8 o'clock and the park was full of people checking out the arts and crafts, playing games and seeing old friends. There was a big shower at 11 but did not deter anyone. It was crowded and fun to be there.

The famous Pullen boys were there selling watermelons in front of the office. The watermelon sellers are all around the park selling during the day and most everyone has to buy one before they leave.

There was plenty of food and fun. Free watermelon slices at noon and the great
weigh-in for the largest watermelon.

This year the largest watermelon was 165 lbs. Then they actioned it off for charity and it brought in over $100.
Unfortunately, the Pullen boys did not do well in the competition.

We then caught the Melon Shuttle and headed downtown to catch the action with the Watermelon Carver.
We tried to ditch Spencer while we were there but he managed to find us again before the day was over.
Here are a few pics of the artist in action and the very interesting art he creates.

All on all, another very fun Watermelon Carnival, y'all come next year.