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Friday, August 29, 2008


The pep rally came off fine with no one getting killed. The event started off with Erin and her young group of cheerleaders taking center stage to do their routines. In this photo I think a fire ant must have been in her pants.

After some fiery talk the High School Cheerleaders took the stage and worked through their routines and were really good. Kicking and swirling, the crowd clapped their appreciation. I had never heard the cheer that went

"Kill those dirty rotten @#$!$#$$%$^%'s"
"Kill those dirty rotten @#$!$#$$%$^%'S"

The wild Frontier mentality seemed to take over after with that.
It seemed to get everyone in the mood for bloodshed.

Tyler Jones (#66 on your roster) grabbed the mike, bit the head off a live chicken and spit it into the crowd.
They went crazy! I think they are fired up enough to take Coffeeville this afternoon, but the game will be at 7:30PM.
This all may not have really happened, sometimes I get confused with reality and what should have happened! Either way, the team is fired up!
We are going to tailgate in the grove this weekend with the Mailrider and his clan. If you have never done this, you are missing one of the most fun things about southern football. Sunday we are probably heading to camp to shoot a big fat dove or a hog. Monday we will hunt a little and relax, but I think Gustav may be coming to see us and it will rain, rain, rain.
Will have pics from the Grove at Ole Miss on Monday. Go Rebs!


At 12:47 PM, Anonymous Matt said...

I will be with you in the Grove in spirit. I'll also be hunting with you on Sunday in spirit, since it's still against the law here.

At 3:34 PM, Blogger SimplyOutdoors said...

Looks like a great time at the rally. You had me laughing out loud with this post.

At 12:30 AM, Anonymous Phillip said...

Dang, Rex. You got me fired up and I'm 2000 miles away!

Rah rah ree...kick 'em in the knee

Rah rah rass... kick 'em ....

Yeah, and all that!

Git 'em boys!

At 10:24 PM, Anonymous Big Al said...

My daughter was a cheerleader for 6 loooong years and I NEVER WANT TO GO THROUGHT THAT AGAIN!!! Thank God those days are over.

I feel your pain. It's dang near as much work being the parent of a cheerleader as being one.


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