Friday, March 07, 2008

Night Action

Slippery Slope, MS> The night I got this deer behind the lake, I got Burney and Mark to go with me to get it. Using flashlights going up the lake, locating the deer and dragging it out was fun and I think helped us bond a little closer than we had been.
I realized that we were in it together for a lifetime and to start enjoying it.
Burney took so-called action shots and we kidded each other about fainting or having a heart attack dragging the deer back to the boat.


mailrider said...

Who was kidding???? Between your AGE, Burney being drunk and me being 50 pounds overweight, we are damn lucky to have come out of that wilderness with our scalps!!!

Editor said...

50 pounds? Uhhh, more like 80.
I plan on out-living both of you
decrepid idiots.
Hey Uncle Mark! love Erin,
but Daddy wrote the message.
See you tomorrow!

mailrider said...

80? I was talking about my weight not your AGE!!!
HEY Erin, I'll will see you at your dad's wake errr birthday party tomorrow if we don't get snowed in. Got 4 in.on the ground and still coming down!!!!

SimplyOutdoors said...

Nice deer!

Erin Howell said...

It not bad up or down here. We dont have much snow,but you can get up the drive way.