Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring Fling

First of all, a certain Jr. Blogger stole my post for today. I think most of us find it difficult to post everyday after the hunting seasons end and even though turkey season is wide open here it is hard to post everyday. We are having a big crawfish boil this weekend and hope it will be lots of fun. Mark and I have a few secret plans to take care of in matters of deer hunting.
Come to think of it, there are hogs to hunt, crappie are spawning, turkeys are gobbling, shed antlers are dropping and it is a great time to wander and explore the camp. Wow! I'm fired up again! Let's go!
PS.. I have "discovered" a secret Civil War era diary. Would you like to read parts of it every now and then?


Matt said...

Would love to see excerpts from the diary.

The Hunter's Wife said...

Have a fun feast this weekend and the diary sounds interesting.

Dash said...

The diary sounds like a great idea. Enjoy those bugs this weekend. It'll be a few more weeks before we have our boil.

SimplyOutdoors said...

I would love to see excerpts from the diary. Sounds awesome.