Monday, August 14, 2006

The Curse of the Pink Paulanther!

Broken Diamond, MS> A strange and horrible curse showed itself at the famously jinxed Christmas Place Hunting Club this weekend as the workers found that every piece of equipment they used and every project they worked on was a complete disaster.
Research from the cracker-jack investigators at the “Bodock Times” found that this curse started during a terrible storm late last deer season as an unnamed pink faced hunter killed a baby six point deer probably nursing from it’s mamma. (See archives: My Big Seventeen Inch)
Since that time there have been terrible consequences. Mark Stewart killed the biggest deer last year, (Yikes!) Trent wounded a big deer that got away, Hershel missed Thunderhoof at 40 yards, Mr. Jones let a monster walk under him at #1. This was the beginning.
This weekend the tractor tore up and then had a flat tire. Hershels four wheeler broke down (across the beaverdam) and has to have a new battery, Pauls four wheeler had the axle completely break and we believe he will have to buy a new one.
Several people ended up with alcohol poisoning from suspicious (and numerous) cans of Budlight, and one of them was the cook! All the children were screamed at until they had to hide. Numerous tools were broken, and all Gregs tools were even stolen or lost, plus Terry probably ruined the Gator with his horrible driving. Even Camo hid in the back room. Mud from the only rain in two months was everywhere and covered tractors, four wheelers and kids. Everyone had short tempers and even Ezra Brooks couldn’t keep them happy. There was much confusion and fighting over stand placement, without Rex the work probably would not have gotten done at all. The bright point was that Rex got some stands in place without someone getting killed and the ribs for dinner were delicious. A horribly messed up weekend, if only we could make someone atone for their sins by staking them out on a fire ant mound. We will try to catch the Pink Paulanther, and see what happens.

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