Thursday, August 17, 2006

La Tearoom

Water Valley, MS> Today I ate lunch at the new Grand Central Station Antiques and Tearoom. Years ago this was the Hendricks Machine shop and Miss Dixies Ford Place. It is now a wonderful antique mall with this snazzy little tearoom.
I recommend it to everyone. The atmosphere was wonderful, the food was great and the setting was absolutely perfect. Now, before you go to this quaint little tearoom, there are a couple of things that most of my friends should know. The first thing is not to wear overhauls and muddy boots, this is a tearoom, not Bubbas Pancake Shop and Radiator Repair. Do not ask the waitress to check the air in your tires neither. Your hunting dog is not allowed in, I do not care if he is a member of your family, and take those damn camoflague hats off when you eat. I am trying to give you ignoramuses (?) ignorami(?) some culturization. Here is a picture of the exterior.
The interior was furnished with about 10 tables with linen tablecloths, fine china and ritzy champagne glasses for your tea. Each table was named after a famous woman including Betty Grable, Marilyn Monroe, Princess Diana, Shirley Temple and Betty Davis. Denise and I sat at the Lauren Bacall table.
Men, do not wipe your hands or beards on the tablecloth, this is a no-no. Learn to drink from the little glasses, there are no mason jars available. Also, the food is supposed to look like that, do not order a hamburger or ask for fries. the women will love you if you take them there.

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