Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Devils Island, MS> A work camp has been set at the hot and dry Mississippi delta plantation known as The Christmas Place. The temperature should be just right at 102 degrees.
Mark "Buzzsaw" Stewart and his son Drew "Doe Popper" will be there. Trent "Chunk Chunker" Howell and Burney "Snake Eater" Howell are coming too.
Rex "Lackey" Howell will be worked to death along with his kids, Sarah "No Way" Howell, Erin "Forget you" Howell and Spencer "Why Me?" Howell.
Greg "Bulldozer" Jones and his son Tyler "Terrible Tenpoint" Jones are trying to get there.
Bobby "ShadeHog" Howell will also be there to oversee everything. He is bringing his grandchildren Austin "Sleep-In" Howell and Katie "Honey Dew" Howell.
Paul "PhoneBoss" Howell will be griping all over the place along with his son Michael "Softy" Howell. He may also bring Terry "Wonder" Cutrere.
Lording it over everyone will Be Hershel "Simon Legree" Howell.

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