Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Rebel Predictions

SugarBowl, MS> Somewhere between heat exhaustion and alcohol poisoning, talk turned to the upcoming football season and the outlook for our OLE MISS REBELS. To say they were a disaster last year is an understatement, but each year brings renewed hope
Predictions from the laborers at the famous Christmas Place Cheer Camp were as follows:
Paul- 6-6 realist
Hershel- 5-7 realist
Bobby- "screw em" 3-9
Rex- 6-6 realist
Mark- 8-4 eternal optimist
Trent- "damn losers" 2-10
Drew 5-7 negative girlie boy
Greg- 3-9 hater
Terry- "go southern" 4-8
Tyler "I'm going to Georgia" 5-7
Burney- 8-4 drunk cook
As you can see, we had a host of damn pessimist in our midst.

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