Monday, August 28, 2006

Who Stole the Corn?

Kellogg, MS> Hershel Howell had made a good deal on planting this year. 500 acres was planted in corn and it looked great. Better than that, he had arranged for 5 acres to be left standing in the two food plots in the bottom. He watched it grow.
All the members were happy about it and everytime someone rode by the two food plots, deer and turkeys would run out. Everyone knew that it would attract wildlife all winter. This weekend at the famous Christmas Place Fat Deer Club, Hershel decided to go cut a couple of strips in the fields for his dove hunt. He drove the tractor up the road whistling happily to himself and reached the edge of the field.
Lo and behold, all the corn had been cut and was gone! Not a stalk was standing in the food plots. The whole 500 acres of corn had been harvested and is probably somewhere in Nebraska by now. Steam shot out of his ears! Madder than a hornet, he returned to camp to find out what happened. At this time, no one has admitted their part in this conspiracy, but Thunderhoof was last seen high-tailing it for Odom ridge leading a team of raccoons pulling a gigantic grain cart.

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