Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Golden Eagle Returns

Water Valley, MS> In 1891 the Bank of Water Valley was completed and at that time a beautiful weathervane was set on top of the building. A golden eagle that looked down upon Main St. The president of the bank declared at the opening ceremony that the town of Water Valley would survive and prosper as long as the eagle guarded the town.
For almost 100 years the eagle was a symbol of hope to the community. Through two world wars, floods, a depression, loss of the railroad, factories starting and closing, the eagle guarded the town. We always knew that no matter what happened we would survive and grow.
In 1984 the Bank of Water Valley was gone. Sold out by the stockholders. The bank building was condemned. The building was old and the eagle didn't mean anything to the people who sold the bank down the river. Soon, a tornado swept up from the south and made a direct hit on Water Valley. Coincidence? Maybe. On May 17, 1984 the eagle was removed and the bank disappeared. The town has suffered since that time. A slow ebb and loss of hope. For 22 years
the town of Water Valley has stood still, and many of our large manufacturers have pulled out.
Leaving less and less jobs for our community.
Recently the eagle was found and restored and has now been placed on the new community bandstand in the middle of the town. A great feeling of hope for a brighter future is being felt by everyone. We hope that the golden eagle will guard the town again for another 100 years. Thank you.


Kjones said...

Does the Eagle still function as a weathervane?

Anonymous said...

Yes it does