Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Fibdiculous,MS> I was not at the famous Christmas Place last weekend so I can not vouch that this story is true. In fact, the Mailman has been known to downright lie.
This is his story....
"I put my son Drew at the Point Stand and figured I would go around and hunt the Leevee Stand for the afternoon. The weather was perfect and the deer and hogs had been showing up there to eat late in the day.
I parked my 4-wheeler about 80 yards from the stand and started up the road. I had just reached the bottom of the stand when a loud noise and thrashing in the brush got my attention. Back the way I had come, a giant black hog had burst from the thickets grunting and pawing the ground. I quickly loaded my rifle, then watched in amazement as the hog gave another ferocious grunt and charged straight at me."
"The black monster had started at about 200 yards, but very quickly closed the gap between us. I could see it's giant curved tusk covered with blood and foam as I tried to sight at the charging beast through the scope. BLAM!!! I missed! The hog was close now and I steadied myself and fired again. BLAM!!! For a second, as I bolted my rifle, the bullet had no effect and then the ferocious boar slid to a stop just yards away. It's red rimmed black eyes studied me as it's bloody tusk turned first one way and then the other. In a second the gigantic wild hog fell over in front of me. UMMMM.... tastes like chicken!"


Dazd said...

And to think others were worried about getting caught in crossfire!

Rod McBellanic said...

Thanks Rex...appreciate it. Keep up the good work.