Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Goreville, MS> A wave of extremely cold weather is hurtling towards Mississippi like a freight train. Now usually I like to hunt in cold weather but this is ridiculous. Even so, those damn Mammoths are prancing around our wheat fields like they can't wait.
I hope to talk to Marian today and see what her weekend plans are, but I think that hunting hard in this weather is not something I really want to do.
I guess I can sit around the fire and think about what to write about after deer season. Like my friend at Hunting-A Way of Life. Turkey season is coming, ducks are still flying, and there are a million and one things to do at the famous Christmas Place all the time. I also need to check on a OBS Regional Meeting for early summer.
Will check back soon, I need to put another log on the fire...


Mel said...

Hi Rex- Sorry for sending that weather down your way, we are sick of it in the Northwest.

Stay warm!

Live to Hunt.... said...

Rex, send some of that winter weather to the west coast. We're roasting out here and the hunting has come to a grinding halt!