Monday, January 05, 2009

Marian and Bob Go To Camp

Boom Damn, MS> My favorite blogger, Marian at Marians' Hunting Stories, and her husband Bob finally made it to the famous Christmas Place this weekend. There was plenty of action and a great time was had by all. It started Thursday afternoon when I put Bob on the Birdpoint Stand and Marian on the Arrowhead Field.
Bob had a really big buck trot up to within 8 feet of him! I had asked them to take a couple of does first and I appreciate their doing what the camp needed but Bob almost had a heart attack, he was so excited.
The next morning Paul (Ground Check) Howell brought the only deer of the weekend in.
A nice 8-point that he blasted in the Hole Area.
Here is a pic of Bob and the Bloody Blaster.

Paul had managed to hunt almost a whole hour before this buck made the mistake of showing it's antlers near Paul.
Deer, Antlers, BOOM!
Well, at least Paul has limited out and will not be bothering us anymore this year. (we hope)
Bob said the buck he saw was a hell of a lot bigger than this one.
Austin came in that morning with a Bobcat and here is a pic of he and Spencer checking it out.

That Camo hates a damn Bobcat!

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