Monday, January 19, 2009

A Hog Crazy Night

Alamo, MS> The weather warmed Saturday afternoon and our hunters could not wait to get to their stands. Marian and Bob had come over to hunt one more time, Two-Gun Tony was making his appearance with Mark (Mailrider) and Trent, Burney, Austin, Dad and I were just kind of hanging out. With the weather change we all headed out to hunt. I put Marian on the Arrowhead, then Bob and I went to the Dove Field. Trent went to the Secret Field and dropped Austin off, the rest of the group headed to the delta wheat fields.
Everything was dead quiet till right at 4:30, then all hell broke loose.
It sounded like a war had started down in the bottom land. You could almost see a gigantic pall of gunsmoke rising over the area from the continuous blasting.
Bob and I waited till dark to come out; hoping that our side had won the battle. We picked up Marian and headed to camp. This is what happened.

Trent fired first and took a doe, Tony fired at a giant hog and a doe, Mark blasted two hogs, and Burney blasted a doe, a hog and shot at another hog. There was lead flying everywhere. Everyone but Trent had run out of bullets. Phillip would have gone crazy. Mark took down "Old Whitey" a trophy hog we had seen.
The saying there is "if you see hogs, fire for effect" and they did. We finished the night with 3 hogs found and two deer. The pole was full. Go to Marians site to see more pics of her hunt and the wild night we had. Mark, Burney and Trent at the pole.

This pic is Two-Gun Tony, Mark and me checking out Old Whitey.


Anonymous said...

I have told Mailrider many times to carry more than 4 bullets!!

Deer Passion said...

I'm so jealous right now... Hubby and I have been trying to plan a hog hunt forever and it just hasn't worked out.. Looks like you had a good hunt tho!

Thanx for stopping by my blog! I'm going to add you to my blog roll and will be looking forward to more of your posts!!

Phillip said...

That is one heck of a hunt, Rex! Great way to wind down the season too... although those hogs will still be there all winter. Hog hunting is much cooler than golf.