Friday, January 09, 2009

Yankee Cousins Visit Camp

Over the holidays, my cousin Noelle arrived to see her mother which is my Aunt Marilyn. Dad insisted they come to the camp to visit and we ended up having a great time with her and her children.
Here is a pic of Shelley learnng how to ride the 4-wheeler.
The kids did real well considering they were surrounded by a bunch of their southern cousins that they did not know from Adam's housecat.
Here is her son Pete with Trents' deer, Burney and his wild hog.
I think they had a good time and promised to come back this summer to fish and maybe metal detect with us. They live in Fairfax, VA now and it is hard to come here but hopefully we will see them again soon. Here is a pic of them on the dock.
Maybe they could show Matt the way here...

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Matt said...

Thanks for the link. I still can't get over Missippians referring to us Virginians as "yankees" though.

BTW, some of the best deer hunting in the Old Dominion is in Fairfax County. It's tough to find a place to hunt, and most of it is archery-only, but there are a hell of a lot of deer and some nice bucks there.

Maybe you should be planning a trip up here. You could probably be at Camp Cowboy inside half an hour from your cousins' place.