Monday, January 26, 2009

OBS Regional Meeting Rules (Mississippi)

Rules set are for the upcoming OBS Regional Meeting at the famous Christmas Place in Mississippi.
1. Do not harass the Mammoths or Mastodons, they are nesting and will probably stomp you till you look like a pancake.
2. Do not give cigarettes to Bigfoot. He is liable to set the whole woods on fire.
3. No skinny-dipping in the lake. There are things in there that will eat parts of you that you might need later. (men)
4. Any Confederate Treasure found belongs to ME, ME, ME!!!
5. Thunderhoof can be photographed but please do not try to ride him, he don’t cotton to that very well.
6. Do not scare the ghosts, they are very sensitive.
7. No side-trips to the topless club at Vaiden. (without me)
8. 4-wheelers should be driven safely at all times, unless something is chasing you that will eat you.
9. If you fall off into one of our god-awful ravines you are on your own, we will try to retrieve your bones for your family after the hogs finish with you.
10. Campfires are at night for stories and songs, if you see Wandering Jack in the shadows you should pretend he is not there. Damn vampire loves to talk.
11. Any hog hunting will be coordinated through our new Pork Executive, the mailrider.
12. For additional rules and information, please go to The Outdoor Bloggers Summit homepage.

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