Friday, January 23, 2009

How To Organize A Hog Hunt

Bloody Tusk, MS> The members at the famous Christmas Place have decided to do something about these pesky wild hogs. We are in the process of organizing a hog hunt to get rid of the nasty things. After much thought and whiskey, this is how we are going to do it.
The bottom land is about 1000 acres with at least 500 in row crop and 300 in CRP. The CRP land is in trees and grass about 8-10 feet high. The object is too put people on the stands we already have in the bottom and fill in the gaps with ground blinds about every 200-300 yards to surround this area. We will not use dogs, cause basically Camo said that she will bark and chase 'em or bite a dead one, but she sure as hell was not going in that grass after them.
We will put anyone expendable near the center of this crossfire like Marian and Bob, Bobby, Othmar, all the kids, Matt, Holly or even GuyK, in hopes that even if we lose a few hunters the rest of us will get some hogs.
That Phillip would be so proud!
Wish us luck.


GUYK said...

Sounds like my kinda hunt! When is it?

Albert A Rasch said...

Sounds to me like y'all got it well figured out. Lotsa fire power, good coverage, you can't beat it!

I'm not too sure about the people in the middle though, it's kinda easy to mix blood spoor up. Might make a mess of all the fun!

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Dazd said...

Oh man!!! I smell me some bacon! When is this hunt?

Big Al said...

Uhhhh, expendable! I know they didn't get a deer, but Bob and Marian!!???

Phillip said...


There's always hope as long as there's lead in the air!

Glad to see my name wasn't included on the "expendable" list, though.