Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Normalcy Is A State Of Mind

Whirling Dervish, MS> Yes, things are starting to slow in the hunting world, and things have returned to a somewhat state of normalcy.
Let's see....
Thunderhoof has returned from the Inauguration, says he needs a bailout too.
Marian is not talking to me since I joked she was expendable. She is ready for a hog hunt Right Now!
The Mailman has become the Hog Slayer.
Trent is still pissed off.
Hey! Othmar is back blogging again!
The wolves are circling my door 24/7.
Paul is going into withdrawal.
There are a few other things I will blog about later but I can assure you that things are in a frenzy.
I can't wait 'till our Valentines Day Get Together.

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