Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Vicksburg Lead Slingers

Ka-Ping, MS> The Vicksburg blog team of Marian and Bob had already endured enough. they had each seen deer but no shot had presented itself. Bob had almost been run over by a big buck and Marian kept having deer appear and disappear all around her.

Needless to say they were taking a bunch of ribbing.
The last morning was upon them and today they were going to get a deer.
Rex took Bob to the Dove Field and set him up. It was foggy and still as Bob set up and looked over the field. He was going to get a deer if it killed Paul!
Old bloody hands had taken Marian across the Beaverdam again and helped her into the Box Field Stand again before daylight. As the sky lightened, Marian vowed this was the day she was going to get a deer if it killed Paul!
The shooting started early and often.
A small herd of deer eased down the side of the Dove field and Bob got ready. Moments later two does came out in the field to eat. Bob waited for a good broadside shot, aimed and fired. The deer took off like a scalded dog!
Moments later he heard Marian shoot.
A deer had walked out into the right lane at thirty yards from her and she took careful aim. Boom! The deer looked around. Holy Crap! Marian jacked another bullet in the rifle. Boom! The deer scratched it's ear with a hind leg and walked in the woods. Marian was devastated (but determined). Moments later another deer walked out to her left. She took careful aim. Boom! Deer started eating grass. Yikes! She bolted her rifle. Boom! The deer looked up to see if it was raining. D-double damn! Boom! The deer went back to eating. Marian bolted her rifle. Oh My God! She was out of bullets! She grabbed her camera and took a picture of the horrible thing. On her site, if you look closely, you will see that it is sticking it's tongue out at her.
Marian gave up.
I helped Bob look for his deer for an hour after I left my stand. No sign, no blood, no nothing. We returned empty handed to camp.
We had a great time with them and sorry they did not score. Marian's rifle needs to be re-zeroed and Bob needs to shoot his again too.
The season is not over yet and maybe we can get one more hunt in.


GUYK said...

back when I was a hunter I checked my rifles with a bore sight before I hit the trail...if it appeared the sights were off a few rounds would get them back odesn't take much of a jar I reckon to throw a scope off and even 1/64 of an inch off is a bunch at 100 feet

Phillip said...

Boy, if I were a meaner person...

But I'm not. The frustration of a gun that jumps off zero can really ruin your day,and make it hard to see the good intentions behind the ribbing of an Internet "friend".

Get those sights dialed in, and have another go.

Good luck to all!