Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Car Giveaway Winner #2

There is some bad news in the drawing. Othmar Vohringer has been declared ineligible. The reason is simple. Why would a man that rides around in a camouflage limousine all day need another automobile? Dazed has also been kicked out of the contest. He would want to put boom box speakers in and classic cars are not to be ruined that way.
The second winners in the great car giveaway are Art and Jeff at Simply Outdoors. These two guys are always enthusiastic about deer hunting and love the outdoors. The brothers have been showing Trail Cam pics, going on Quad trips, and blogging about nature and what the state of Michigan has in store for them this year. In fact their latest post is how the year has flown by and it is almost time to get ready for deer season.
What did they win? I am not an expert on classic cars but I think that they can each enjoy a piece of this sporty 1950's vintage machine.
Send me your mailing address and I will have this in the mail for you.
Disclaimer: The automobile needs slight body work.
Congratulations to Art and Jeff!


CDGardens said...

Congrats to Art and Jeff! They should have a bunch of fun getting their classic beauty back together! ;)

Big Al said...

This one....hmmm... I don't know. Is there any warranty left? It appears that some of the body work isn't holding up very well.

GUYK said...

looks like the grill of a '52 Ford..oughta be worth a lot to some one restoring a 52 Ford

SimplyOutdoors said...

We're the big winners. Just give a little while, and we'll have that thing back up on the road and running. Maybe we could use it to haul a couple of deer out this year; it looks like it might be in better shape than my car.

Thanks for the plug, and the prize!

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