Monday, July 27, 2009

Car Giveaway Winner #4

We are back to the great car giveaways. Some people still do not understand that they are not eligible. My stupid brothers for instance, and that damn Old Scratch are out. No lawyers of any kind are eligible, and no Lammeys either.
This weeks' winner is from Texas. She is long, tall, cool and hot also.
She signs herself as H2O, but is Becky at Tall, Cool Glass of Water.
Lately she has been very political with posts about the economy, jokes, and she really doesn't like President Obama. Do not go over there if you are easily offended.
Now what does a red hot beautiful Texas gal need to cruise around in? Why this really neat and economical 1963 Ford Falcon. This is a small compact car with big trunk space to keep her horses in. Warning... this vehicle has a few minor dings and dents.


H2o said...

Yeah me! She's a beauty... Thank you Rex!

Editor said...

you're welcome, could not have a better winner