Friday, July 03, 2009

A Confederate Map 12

It was the weekend of the 4th of July that I set for the treasure hunt. I had taken the old rifle, removed the butt plate and pulled out a folded, yellow piece of parchment. I understood the writing easily. It was drawn to show a point on the East that said Parker, with a line from there going West 1962 ft.
Another point on the map said Indian Mound with a line running South 849 feet. Where they met was the proverbial X with a notation beside it that said 690 feet.
Here is how it looked. Not much of a treasure map I thought to myself. I realized that the point labeled Parker was the grave of Mr. Parker that had originally started the plantation. I also knew from the map exactly which Indian Mound the other point was supposed to be. I bought a good compass, borrowed a survey instrument and I had a hundred foot tape. I set my plan in motion.
I needed help and finally told Mark (Mailrider) who eagerly agreed to help me after reading the journal. Denise was gung-ho to start and I also brought Marian and GuyK into the search after swearing them to secrecy. Cookie was kept in the loop by cell phone.
As friends and bloggers, I thought it would be fun for all of us to write about our experience. They were all invited up for the 4th of July that year.
I wrote all about the fun we had in this post.
The weekend ended, we all packed up to leave and I watched GuyK leave with his camper. Marian pulled out after many hearty good-byes, then we all got in our trucks and left for home too.
An hour later I met my friends in Yazoo City and we headed back to camp for the treasure hunt. Dad and the rest of the family were gone and we opened the camp back up, got the map out and looked it over. Mark and I knew we would have to do most of the walking and measuring but it was thrilling to actually start.
The treasure hunt was on!

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Wilderness Recipes said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. Enjoy yourselves this 4th of July. Keep it safe.