Friday, July 17, 2009

Work Camp and Drawing

Christmas Motors, MS> This weekend will be the first big work weekend at the famous Christmas Place. Since the temperature is steady at 100 degrees, I am sure that all the members will suddenly remember that they have something important to do this weekend and will disappear.
Firewood has to be cut, we need to start bushogging the fields, roads need to be trimmed out and every stand needs repair. I am also sure I will be very busy by myself down there.
We have reached the point that it is time to start thinking about hunting season again. Thoses big bucks are out there waiting and you have got to be prepared.
On a lighter note, the Grand Drawing for the Car Giveaway will be at Noon on Saturday.


Phillip said...

I heard they started making sling-blades in ambidextrous configurations, which should help alleviate at least one excuse.

I'd be there to help out myself, except I don't have a car, since my last one rolled down a mountain all by itself. Allegations that I had anything to do with it are grotesquely distorted and largely inflated.

Anonymous said...

What a cool deer & camping site you have going on. I know Stephen Dent and his camping site for South Carolina would be proud.

I look forward to reading more blog postings here.

CDGardens said...

Hope ya 'all found a shady tree to rest under after cutting fire wood and all the other things that go along with a successful hunting season. ;)