Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Car Giveaway Winner!

I am giving away 5 classic automobiles this week. Kees is promising to kill me with a boomerang if he doesn't win one. Sorry. Plus, I hate to say it but Neither of our favorite two Limeys are eligible. They would drive on the wrong side of the road and kill someone.
The winner is our own CDGarden at Timber Life.
Right now she is blogging abour Raspberries, patriotism, and her wonderful little outdoor Iowa home. she needs a cool car to match her husbands cool airplane.
She is a member of the OBS, always leaves comments and is a laid back easy going person that I am proud to call my friend. Congratulations!
Now what has she won? Just a very cool 1951 Plymouth Cambridge. this automobile is slightly used, but would look great tooling around the famous Christmas Place. Could use a new set of tires along with minor other work also.
Please email me your mailing address and I will send it to you.
Congratulations to our first winner!


CDGardens said...

Now that's funny! Thanks Editor and everyone at Christmas place!

So, how many miles per gallon did you say it got?
Looks like your classic car was one sweet ride in it's day.

It would match a car in our ravine that we inherited when we bought our farm.

You picked a wonderful model - Marian "Vanna".

However, I think I would like to see someone closer to Christmas Place take advantage of your kind generosity...Maybe I'll look at passing the ownership along.

Thanks for the mention and most certainly a laugh for the day! ;)

Hammer said...

I see it comes with a supply of topsoil.

Big Al said...

Some Mother's Car Wax and a little elbow grease and she would shine shine shine... you know, if the sun hit her just right...