Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Night Fishing

Saturday night had cooled down to a balmy 99 degrees and the kids were clamoring to go night fishing (thanks to Davin). Catfishing at night! Sounded like loads of fun, so we waited 'till dark and headed up to the lake. We lit a big bonfire on the edge of the lake, got everybody a rod with catfish bait and turned them loose.
They crowded the dock and the stern of the Othmar and started fishing. I forgot to mention that there were approximately 40 zillion mosquitos there too. It wasn't long until they tired of this and the fish would not bite.
They could hear Thunderhoof splashing around down the lake but he would not come close. (Davin was scared)
We came in early but I can see that on a slightly cooler night we could all have fun fishing and sitting around a big fire. Where's our favorite fisherman, Matt, and his family?

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Matt said...

As always, thanks for the link!