Monday, July 06, 2009

The Howell Open

Each fourth of July brings all the family together and it is when the bloody Howell Open occurs each year. Bragging rights and agony are in each shot as the men of the family fight each other to the last hole to win the golf match. This year was no different except that we sent a certain sleazy coast lawyer back home with his tail between his legs. Here are a couple of pics of the losers paying off to us.
We play in a scramble format so everyone can contribute. This year Dad, Kent, Bebo, Hunter, Trent, Paul and myself played along with our friends Bill Kyrick, Joe Black and Greg Jones. It was the most fun I have had in years. We beat the crap out of them the first two days and they squeezed out a victory on the last hole in the Sunday round. It was absolutely great to play with my Dad again and his 83 year old self came through for his team on the last day as his competitive juices got flowing and he carried his team through the last 6 holes and made a birdie at the last to win. That sorry dog never could stand to lose.

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