Tuesday, July 28, 2009

(Last) Car Giveaway Winner #5

We are down to the very last car that is to be given away. I hope that everyone has enjoyed playing and hopefully I can give something else away in the future. Maybe a deer or duck hunt at the famous Christmas Place. Right now I am swamped with phone calls and plane reservations from the winners heading this way to pick up their classic automobiles.
The last winner in the contest is none other than Mushy from Mushy's Moochings. Besides bombarding me with pleas to win a car and chomping on a giant cigar, he has been blogging about a great vacation to Gatlinburg, TN., a great boy's night out, fixin' (yes fixin') up around his house, family pics and his pals from his high school class of 1864.
Now, what has he won? why only the coolest car we have. A classic 1955 Chrysler Desoto Firedome.
This car is in great shape and has some very surprising extra features. You will never feel lonely driving this cool vehicle around.
Congratulations Mushy!


CDGardens said...

Congrats to mushy! Should be able to get the car on the road without to many headaches. ;)

Big Al said...

I agree with CDGardens, it shouldn't take much to have that beauty on the road again. It's not half buried in the dirt and there doesn't appear to be any trees growing up threw it... Tractor should have no trouble at all dragg'n that one out to where a wrecker can get it. "On the road again..."

Mushy said...

Wow...I never won anything before...geez...thanks! That almost favors my first wife standing there too...does she go with the deal?