Friday, July 31, 2009

Welcoming New Links

Between giving cars away and searching for buried treasure, I have not had a chance to welcome my new links.
I would like to welcome Outdoors In SW Georgia. This blog is run by Gary who is writing about southern deer hunting at it's finest.

Right now he is big into Twitter and dreaming about getting back to the woods. Please go over and visit his site to give a little encouragement to the big guy.

Our next new link is from a beautiful woman that seems to be taking the hunting world by storm. Her blog is Scent Free Lip Gloss, but everyone knows it as Hunts Like A Girl.
She has bears roaming around her blog and wants you to know that she is still naked. I can't tell you how fast I clicked over there and how good looking she is.

Our last new link is from our own Kristine that runs the OBS blog. This is her new personal blog that will chronicle her steps from indoor city girl to an true outdoors woman. The name of her blog is aptly, Tenderfoot Diaries. We are all anxiously awaiting her experiences as she records the changes in her new blog.


Kristine Shreve said...

Thank you for mentioning the new blog Rex. I appreciate the support.

Goon said...

Where do you find women like this? My wife couldn't hit the broad side of a mountain with a rifle is she tried.

HuntsLikeAGirl said...

Hahaha! Just wait until "she is all dressed up" ;)

Thanks for the links and kind words.