Monday, February 19, 2007

Annual Trek To Como

Last week we made our annual trip to the famous Como Steak House. It is located about 45 minutes south of Memphis and about 45 minutes north of Water Valley. They cook the steak on a huge fire while you watch!
Greg and Kim, Mark and Kim, and Denise and I did this last year for Valentines Day and had a great time. This year was just as much fun. Deer talk turned to golf as we ate and talked and freezing temperatures howled outside. Mark entertained us with stories from the Post Office and when he was a driver for the Fed-Ex Golf Tournament. We talked about meeting Paul Azinger and what a truly nice guy he is.We also had to hear about Drew showing off his big deer and the recent accident he was in. (he is OK) Kim was entertaining and fun as usual. She seems to be ready for water skiing to start soon while we were encouraging Mark to get his golf sticks out of mothballs. Greg and his wife Kim made the trip great! She and Greg are two of my best friends. she dressed to the nines and seemed to really enjoy herself.
Good conversation, a lot of laughter, some drinks made us all want to keep doing this every year. It also made us want to get the golf going as soon as possible.
Mr. and Mrs. Jones are always fun to be around.
Denise and I loved every second of it. Kidding with everyone around the table, enjoying a wonderful and gigantic steak, and relaxing with our friends was a much needed respite from a long and difficult winter. Denise looked absolutely great and charmed everyone. We talked, drank, ate, and talked some more and it was time to go home. We are looking forward to next year already.


Marian said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful time...a great picture of you and your wife!

mailrider said...

who took these pictures???