Friday, February 16, 2007

Blogs Make Friends

I have added a couple of new links to the sidebar. The first is Phillip Loughlin over at The Hog Blog.
This guy is after the damn wild hogs. He pursues them everywhere, but I think that in the long run you will find that he is an accomplished deer hunter also.
Phillip is in a good niche for hunters with his blog and has a background in outdoor magazines and creative writing. Go look over his blog.

The second link I have added is to an interesting guy named Mike Carter, who is crazy about Mule Deer. I don't know much about Mule Deer except we all know that whitetails are like 100 times smarter. They seem to make Mike crazy though.
He is at Mule Deer Fanatic and has a sharp looking new blog. He also owes me a pic or two of those big Mulies he has bagged. He is also worried about the deer population and is keeping up with all the info on the dwindling herd numbers, tag allocations and the future of Mule Deer Hunting. If you have info, please send it to him. He also seems like a good guy to kid around with and to also share stories and info with. Go say Hi!

The third link is to the sweetest woman in Vicksburg, MS. Her name is Marion Phillips and she is known as The Lady DeerHunter.
I have some pics of her big deer. (Hello!!Mike!). She is going to blog about southern deer hunting with a focus on the woman hunter. What to wear, how to's of hunting, rifle calibers, scouting and what to do after you get a deer.
(I think this part is easy, make the men go get it and clean it)
She will also post photos of the wildlife along the Mississippi River, and pictures of the beautiful town of Vicksburg if she does not get distracted by her strange obsession of taking pictures of cows. She also has a great niche in attracting women hunters who want that info from someone with firsthand knowledge .Her blog is Marion's Hunting Stories. Please leave some comments on her site and give her a warm welcome.


Phillip said...

Thanks for the very kind words!

I'm fairly new to the Blogosphere, but it sure does seem to be a great community. Kinda cool how we start to network together.

Looking forward to reading and learning from all of these great sites as the community grows!

Editor said...

I am finding that our small niche keeps us closer together. I also think that referring back and forth to each others blogs helps us all.

Marian said...

I appreciate you adding me to your blog as a link and also for the very nice write up. I look forward to our friendship. God Bless - Marian