Friday, February 09, 2007

For Your Weekend Pleasure

Glacier, MS> It is still cold as hell here. Dad is packed and headed to camp. Looks like we are going too. A nice fire, movies with the kids, maybe a little post season scouting. Dad is still mad at the hogs and wants me to bring my rifle.

Matt over at Bright Ideas Outdoor Weblog linked me today. Looks like he appreciates a beautiful dear as much as I do. He recently returned from a great fishing trip to Florida. Did he invite me? Hell No! Go read up on his latest bright ideas this weekend.

I have been cruising the net since deer season is over
and found some great hunting blogs scattered across the globe Here are a few sites that are interesting. I look for bloggers.
(Hopefully they will link up)
Mule Deer Fanatic is just getting started. Looks like they are as crazy about mule deer as we are Whitetails!
Give them a look this weekend.

I have been checking out th network blogs of Skinny Moose Media. they have the Desert Rat and the new Hog Blog. We could use that hog guy around here for awhile.

Another very good writer and blogger is Jeff Murray who is freezing to death in Corning, New York. His blog is Jeffs' Outdoor Notebook. Read his stuff and check his archives.
A very good writer.

I am looking forward to going to camp,
the more I think about it
Quiet, a good warm fire, damn deer grazing in the yard, (now that the season is over)a good drink and some time with my Dad. Thank goodness I will not have to put up with the camp losers for awhile.


Othmar Vohringer said...

Looks like you do as much web searching for fellow bloggers as I do. Lol.
I found the Hog Blog too last night and I am very happy about it. I love hog hunting.

-Othmar Vohringer-

Marian said...

I have enjoyed reading about your experiences with your Dad. Nothing like quality time with family members. You enjoy yourself! The weather should be nice and sunny!