Thursday, February 15, 2007

Meeting Mr. Brown

Cedar Hill, MS> When we loaded up to go visit the Christmas Cemetery, we stopped at our new neighbors home to introduce ourselves. The new owner of the property is
Paul T. Brown. He is a best selling novelist and famed wildlife photographer. He declined to snap a picture of our motley crew, but was extremely nice to us and welcomed us to explore the old cemetery.
Mr. Brown has written several books about our valiant soldiers in Iraq and did the Thomas Hill story about his miraculous escape from terrorists. He has many wildlife photography books and a great wildlife calendar. Go to his website at True Exposures Publishing and check out his wonderful work.

While we were there, we found a shed antler off a big buck and gave it to him. He graciously let me take a picture. The day was fun and we enjoyed meeting Mr. Brown. He has renamed his land Cedar Hill and is working hard to make it absoulutely beautiful. We believe he will be a good friend and great neighbor and hope that our friendship will continue to get better.
Mr. Brown is a photographer and sometimes hunter. I think he enjoys his friends and family hunting the most. They took several deer this year and he sent a picture of his 18-year old daughter, Jessi with a really nice 10-point. She's a beautiful young woman majoring in wildlife biology at Miss. State. The big buck is a beauty too!

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