Thursday, February 08, 2007

A Sneaky View

North Wind, MS> This is the Sneaky Stand that I have talked about. It is an ideal North wind stand with the old road and creek behind you.I did not get to hunt it this year like I wanted because of crippled Mexicans and other guests that could not get very far out into the woods.
I did want to show what makes it a good stand

The stand sits at a 90 degree angle to the old field, woods are South, and the large CRP grass is in front and North. Several bush hog lanes have been cut through the grass and the edge has been planted in rye grass. This view is straight out in front.

This view is to the right and looking toward the lake, Indian Mound and following the old road. The stand sits so that it will give perfect shooting lanes down each edge.

We all make fun of how the deer pass through the grass. They look like giant fish rising to the surface and then disappearing again. Now the hogs are in here too.
This stand almost produced a trophy buck this year. Unfortunately we had the Yo-Yo
Doemaster, Mark Stewart, on the stand at the time, who promptly let him get away. Next year this stand will be perfect! I plan on getting Old Droptine opening morning!

Please click on each picture to get a large view. They will give you a feel of the beauty and excitement of hunting here.


defiant_infidel said...

Great pics that would be most especially appreciated by a fellow hunter. What a spot, Rex!

Well, I feel a bit better. I've had an early lunch (with time left for a ten minute Happy Nappy) and I've gotten my fix of humor and family at Rex's Deer Camp... this is a genuinely excellent blog, Sir.

As always, thanx!

Editor said...

thank you, one of these days i am going to send you something to link on my blog

deerslayer said...

Well keep stewart out of the stand and watch the mexicans coming through that they don't get your deer and you might get old droptine if your lucky.