Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Cemetery Blogging

Salem, MS> The famous Christmas Place is filled with history. The most amazing part is the people who carved it out of the wilderness in 1834. The Parkers and then the Christmas family made this happen. They are all buried in a family plot on our neighbors property. While the weather was pretty, we went up and looked the cemetery over. Old, abandoned and filled with trees, it is very imposing, mysterious and fascinating. Here is Erin inspecting the Parkers grave markers.
We finally got Dad and Mrs. Rena to go with us. They were pretty impressed and she told us a lot of tales about that area and the people who live there. The Cemetery was peaceful and had a feeling of real history. Glad it was not spooky like the Haunted Graveyard on our property

Right in the middle of checking out the site, Paul reached down against a headstone and picked up a shed from a big buck. Kinda neat!
That night the temp fell rapidly so we watched a movie and Denise helped the kids make Smores in the fireplace.