Friday, February 23, 2007

Zumbo II - What's Next?

Hollywood, MS> Everyone has chimed in about Zumbo and his huge mistake, but they are all missing the point of what is to be done now. The guys at Remington, Outdoor Life, Cabelas and other firms are sitting around a table doing damage control, but the show must go on.
They need a replacement. Zumbo was getting a little old to be wandering up and down those hills anyway. They need a man handy on land and sea. The replacement will need a new look and a cool hat. He will need some of those super starched upland game shirts, Cabela boots and pressed khakis. He will need to be able to talk trash to all the high rolling muckety-mucks and run a blog at the same time. (without pissing anyone off) How much money does he make? Well, I imagine he makes about what that Hog Guy makes and about a tenth of what Othmar makes. In other words, a lot!
If you get the right guy, he can fly around the country, blasting the hell out of all kinds of game animals. Hard hunting- Lions, Whitetail Deer, or Rabid Hogs. Easy hunting Mule Deer ,Zebras, Possums. If things are really slow, they can fish out of a Hole in the Ice. They can take their AR-15, AK-47 or M-16 and fly around, blasting tigers, gazelle, antelope and if a kangaroo hops by, they can blast the hell out of it to. Anything for the TV show. This person can also arrange to take all his blogger buddies hunting with him. They could get paid too!. Hire some guys with some Bright Ideas and it should be easy as pie. Hello!!!! I'm Your Man!


defiant_infidel said...


(Note: Fla. residents prohibited)

"X" Rex at Deer Camp blog

Editor said...

thanks, just decide where you want to go hunting old friend.

Othmar Vohringer said...
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Othmar Vohringer said...

Thanks for deeming me good enough to replace Jim Zumbo. But I have to graciously decline the offer. First, I don’t think I am ready to fill such big shoes. Second, Jim Zumbo is far from dead and gone. With his personality, knowledge, dedication to the sport and flawless character he will pull trough this momentary low and come out bigger and stronger. I predict that within two month or so Remington and others will ask him to come back again. I hope he will remember that his sponsors dropped him like a hot potato without giving him a chance to explain.

-Othmar Vohringer-