Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Meeting the TV Guys

Tunica, MS> While wandering the aisles at the Ovis Hunting/Outfitter Show, I noticed two guys stalking me. I graciously shook their hand and had a long talk with them. I offered them my autograph but they did not have a pen between them. I did my best to give them some helpful tips on being a Big TV Star.
The first guy was named Colorado Buck and he was very nice to all of us. He stars in a hunting show called The Outfitter and he is negotiating with my brother James for a Grizzly Bear hunt in Alaska.
He was low key, very friendly, and informative about how his show worked and the places he had hunted. He never said where he was from, but he impressed me. He wasn't stuck up and made some very good PR for his company. His show is on The Sportsman Channel.
The second guy I met was another friendly man named Mike Morgan He is from Mississippi(right below Jackson) and knew a lot about where our family hunts. We talked a long time about how he got into the video and TV market. He took his love of the outdoors and kept plugging along until suddenly he now has 5 TV shows rolling. His main show is called Hunting Across America and I think that he can be seen regularly on The Outdoor Channel.I'm sure they will be calling me any day now to join their teams as their official Outdoors Blogger.


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