Sunday, September 02, 2007

Being Safe

Please go over to Bright Ideas Outdoors and read Matts' excellent article labeled Internet Safety: Does Blogging Put Our Families At Risk. This is an excellent article that may influence you to make a few changes in how you blog.
Fortunately, the only problem I have ever had was from my stupid brother, Trent, who thought my blogging might put our big bucks at risk.


GUYK said...

Hey! The stuff that I post is asking for trouble and that is why my shotguns stay loaded and handy. But I refuse to live in fear..careful yes but in fear, no.

I am a believer in freedom of speech and expression and I say what I feel at the time..and if I feel different tomorrow I'll probably say that too. Yeah it can bedangerous I reckon..hell in Europe the ragheads are takong heads over cartoons so no doubt if they read my rants they will do a jihad on me. But I ain't worried..I'll just call all my rowdy gun totin' friends from around the country in and we will take care of them. In the words of our fearless but somewhat misguided leader " Bring Them On."

Editor said...

They are not very smart, but I think they are smart enough to leave you alone:)

Matt said...

Thanks for the link.

Arthur said...

I thought Matt's post was very good. I sat down and read it just today. Thanks for the post on my doe cam pic issue too.

René O'Deay said...

chats, ims, and other stuff, does seem too invasive, at least until you get to know someone. which takes time. MySpace and blogs can have moderations. mine do.

anyone who uses anonymous aliases are always kinda suspect, doncha think?

You can teach your kids how to be safe on the net, just like on the street. Just don't think living in the country is any safer than the city. In fact maybe more dangerous, since the target field for predators is smaller. just like hunting.