Monday, September 24, 2007

A Fun, Hard Weekend

Sing-Sing, MS> It was a planting weekend at the famous Christmas Place. Saturday morning at daylight, we took a hopper and planted most of the bottom land and then moved into the hills. Trent took the tractor across the Beaverdam to our fields in that area and we followed with the Gator, little tractor and Dads' truck.
Denise was great and helped plant the fields like she had done it a hundred times.
You have to plow up the fields at least twice to get them broken up correctly and once more over them lightly to get them smooth.

After that you fill the hopper on the little tractor with fertilizer, spread that, go back and add your seed and spread that.

Pretty simple.
You have to remember to be gentle with the equipment, it is all old and we do not want to tear it up, TRENT.
We finished there and headed in to get more seed, Trent headed to the Indian Mound.
I guess he did not see the wobbling tire. He could of stopped, but hell no! UP the side of the bluff he went. Halfway up the damn tire falls off and we are out of business. No fixing that on Saturday afternoon, then the rain came and kept us away till Sunday.


Arthur said...

That looks like work. I bet you guys made it fun though. Definitely a problem not having all four tires!

paul's college roomate said...

why didn't you take paul's photo? you don't even mention him. i know he didn't miss the work party.

Editor said...

Paul always seems to be completely booked up till opening day of gun season and then his schedule is completely free. Funny how it works that way.

Matt said...

At least you got some rain on your fields. I did some planting right before a rain a couple weeks ago. I got quick germination, but our ongoing drought slowed everything down right after that. We're hoping to get some more rain this Thursday.

deerPhD said...

Hard work should pay off...hope it does for you all. Only thing missing is a sticker on your tractor!

Anonymous said...

How exactly do you lose the wheel off of a tractor.

Editor said...

there are two kinds of people. chunk chunkers that throw the sticks out of the fields and tractor drivers. when you let a chunk chunker drive a tractor is when you lose a wheel.