Friday, September 07, 2007

Never Rope a Deer

Darrell over at AlphaTrilogy is looking for some guest bloggers. It might be a good time for you to try your hand at blogging. I have been reading his blog and came across a part that said Othmar had
put out the funniest post he had ever read. I admit it's good, but not the funniest. I found this story, and was linked by the great blogger at Smallest Minority. It got a lot of hits and helped keep me going. If you have not read it, take the time. If you have, read it again. Here is Never Rope A Deer.


GUYK said...

It was funny but it wasn't as hilarious as you and the polecat under the bush hawg.

blogagog said...

I make the goodest blog commentings. Can I do it.

Kevin said...

That's still one of the funniest things I've ever read on the innertubes. I'm glad the link brought you some hits!

darrell said...

That was funny. It brought back several memories of my own 'close encounters with a deer'. Definitely made me laugh some on this Friday. Thanks

Jon said...

Very funny. "Bambi" is really a tough customer!

Kevin said...

Great little story. Deer continue to crack me up and some of the boneheads that chase deer or try to mess with them always crack me up.

Last year, I got a call from Brian who used to guide with me and is a great friend. Now Brian is a big guy. 27 years old and not the kind of guy anyone is usually stupid enough to mess with. He spent 2 years in Bosnia.

Now Brian is coming down the road from elk camp and there is a young fawn in the middle of the road next to a roadkill doe. So Brian walks up and picks up this doe and decides he is going to bing it home and nurse it back to life and keep it as a pet.

As soon as he gets back to the ranch he opens the door and out blasts the fawn at sub sonic speeds...Brian and 4 other guides begin chasing this poor fawn all over the ranch until the fawn finally gives them the slip in a field of grass.