Friday, September 21, 2007

Callie Rawks

My good friend Callie at My Style is keeping a low profile these days. Much research and viewing of tapes at the award winning Bodock Times has learned that she was the toast and pride of Atlanta as she made her way down Peachtree St. and the center of the city. Thousands threw flowers and many songs were sung about her exploits. The most famous of these songs had a bad twist to it and she went into seclusion to avoid any more publicity. You should have seen this bare back beautiful Lady......


Callie said...

*laughs* Well...since no one else wanted to comment on it- I will...Thanks...It makes me smile and I am tickled that you thought about me on your busy hectic life time schedule to spread some sunshine my way!

Your a great person Rex.


Editor said...

good luck in all you do, we lurve ya.