Thursday, September 06, 2007

Stewarts Are Bad Winners

The last two years there has been a shift in power at the famous Christmas Place Trophy Deer Ranch. The last two years the unbelievable has happened as the Stewart family has taken the biggest buck.

Mark got a big monster off MY stand two years ago and his son Drew got the biggest deer last year because I am sure I suggested he go hunt there.
It has been a long nightmare. Oh, and that is not the half of it. When they come to camp they prance around and start talking BS, whistling and start that damn walk. Yes, you know how they walk........


Arthur said...

A couple dang nice bucks in those pics. Very cool.

mailrider said...

I seem to remember that the editor was "walking" too last year as he returned from the back side of the lake with a monster that almost didn't fit in the boat.
My 8 point was a great deer, but for a 16 year old the 11 point was a "Field of Dreams" moment in time.
It is hanging above his bed forever more.
Be it known to all who read this, this bunch that I have the honor to hunt with are the best of the best. Thank you Rex for allowing me and mine to be a part of this group of winners known as the Howell deer camp!!

Editor said...

shucks partner, glad that we have had these 30 years.